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January 20 2018:
A new year, a new me (Just kidding! If I was any different then i wouldn't love the wii mini as much!) Anyways, it has been 5 YEARS since the wii mini released now! Can you believe it? What would we be without this wonderful piece of hardware brought to you by the big N? NOTHING! Heres to another 5 years strong with the best console ever made!
- Scott
November 25 2017:
Hello my friends, I love my Wii mini. Please enjoy this Wii Mini desktop background: Here
November 22 2017 B:
Ever notice how the best consoles always load from the top of the console?
Top Loading
Meanwhile all the worst consoles always load from the side. Just thought this was interesting...
Side Loading
November 22 2017 A:
I made this as a testament to my favorite console. More updates coming soon! : )

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